Midnight Sun Ice Cream Sandwich Co.

Midnight Sun Ice Cream Sandwich Co. was at Tasty Tuesday’s at the Milk District tonight. This bright yellow truck is a sight for sore eyes.


This evening, I had the Parsnip-Burnt Honey Ice Cream on Mocha-Dark Chocolate Brownie with Hazelnut Praline.

I don’t know what parsnip tastes like, but this ice cream tasted like pure deliciousness. It was sweet but not too sweet, and it was ultra-creamy. The consistency was perfect – not too hard, not too soft…thick, but also light and airy. It tastes like angel wings melting in your mouth.

There was a perfect harmony between the ice cream, chocolate brownie, and hazelnut praline. The brownie was rich and chocolately, but not overpowerin14805507_10104845030831233_1601266828_ng. I loved the crunchy caramel pieces of the hazelnut praline.

Midnight Sun Ice Cream Co. has best ice cream I’ve had in Orlando. These gourmet desserts have a sophisticated elegance, but also the accessibility of a food truck. If you haven’t tried it yet, you need to.



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