Lunch at The Jungle Organic Restaurant & Market

Orlando has some nice beaches within driving distance. If you happen to be in Melbourne, Fl and you want fresh, delicious, healthy food, head over to The Jungle. I’ve been there for their wonderful Sunday brunch before, but this time I stopped by for lunch after a morning of treasure hunting at the beach. Aptly named “The Jungle,” the restaurant feels like a tropical oasis with waterfalls, rock formations, and tropical fish…

Due to Hurricane Matthew, they were using paper plates and cups for the day. They start with a soup sampler so you can taste their 4 soup flavors (they disappeared before I had a chance to take pictures).

My favorite part of The Jungle experience is their fruit-infused alkaline water. At $2 each with free refills, this is an amazing deal. The flavor of the day was melon citrus ginger. This super refreshing beverage was bursting with intense fruit flavor – perfect after a day at the beach. It tasted like fresh grapefruit with the natural sweetness of melon and a hint of ginger. I’ve had apple ginger water in the past, and that was also delicious.


For my meal, I ordered the Blue Cheese Veggie Burger with a side of the Quinoa Tabouli.

14593653_10104781169020813_1588859857_nThe Blue Cheese Veggie Burger was deliciously tender. It consists of award winning bleu cheese, sautéed baby portabella mushrooms,
caramelized onions, lettuce & homemade mayo on a grilled bun. I loved the textures of the veggie burger as well as the sweet and savory flavors of the mushrooms and onions. The blue cheese sends it over the edge.

The Quinoa Tabouli was very herbaceous and flavorful. I could taste the fresh tomatoes, onions, parsley, quinoa, garlic, and baby spinach. It added a nice zest to the burger.

I left feeling full and satisfied, while knowing that I ate food that was good for my body. This place is a must for the healthy foodie 🙂 These pictures didn’t do them justice.



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