Cranberry Fest cold pressed juice

Trader Joe’s Cold Pressed Juices are a super refreshing treat, especially in the summer heat in Florida. I have enjoyed Watermelon and Cantaloupe in the past. The Watermelon was particularly delicious – it tastes like you are drinking an actual watermelon.


I recently spotted 2 new fall flavors!! Cranberry Fest and Pumpkin Harvest. At $4.49/bottle, they are a little pricier than the other cold pressed juice flavors. Nevertheless, I love fall flavors and I loved cranberry juice as a child, so I was excited to try the Cranberry Fest. The rich burgundy color of the juice was calling to me. I was curious about the Pumpkin Harvest, but it contains turmeric which is a flavor I’m not a big fan of. One 15.2 oz bottle of the Cranberry Fest contains  117 cranberries (I wonder if they have EXACTLY 117 cranberries), 1 medium apple, 1.5 oranges, 1/16 beet, and 3/4 ginger. Just fruit and veggie juices – no other additives 🙂


My initial impression was… it’s REALLY tart. You can definitely taste the cranberry flavor followed by the apple and orange afternotes. The beet and ginger flavors  are really subtle – I couldn’t really taste them. Although the natural sweetness of the fruits is there, the cranberries leave your mother puckering at the end. Also, I wish it had more of a warm spice flavor (e.g., cinnamon, nutmeg) that’s reminiscent of fall.

If you like the natural taste of cranberries, you may enjoy this juice. But for me, the Watermelon remains my favorite.


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